Date 2014-05-28
Title The Appointment and Acceptance Form (for Segregated Collective Investment Account of Overseas Foreign National Employees) Has Been Approved. Eligible Taxpayers May Consider to Utilize This Form.

National Taxation Bureau of Taipei (NTBT), Ministry of Finance indicated that when overseas Chinese and foreign nationals who apply for exchange settlement of earnings from securities investments in Taiwan shall submit the Appointment and Acceptance Form (for overseas Chinese and foreign nationals) (hereinafter refer to as the General Form) to the district National Taxation Bureau for registration based on the relevant laws. However, considering most of the overseas foreign national employees of Segregated Collective Investment Account (hereinafter refer to as the Account) do not come to Taiwan and could only sell out the stocks of the limited company, it's difficult for all of them to get their ID notarized as well as appointing agents to file tax returns and pay taxes respectively, Ministry of Finance has approved the specific application form (hereinafter refer to as the Specific Form) only for the securities holders of the Account. The Account for Overseas Foreign National Employees is defined to be established in accordance with the relevant regulations stipulated by the Financial Supervisory Commission and registered with the Taiwan Stock Exchange in the name of a Foreign Institution Investor.

NTBT pointed that out, any agent who would like to use the Specific Form shall be noticed as follows:

1. The agent shall submit the documents evidencing his/her/its qualification. A

natural-person agent shall hold an ID card of the R.O.C. with full legal capacity and  annual income of not less than NT$1,000,000 and reside in the R.O.C.. A   legal-person agent shall be a company incorporated in accordance with the laws of  the R.O.C. and be permitted to engage in agency business.

2. The agent shall submit the power of attorney (POA) certified by the manager or  representative of this Account and certified by an R.O.C. consulate or its functional  equivalent in the place where such POA is executed. An original affidavit stating that the manager or representative mentioned above has been authorized by the overseas foreign national appointers is required.

3. The agent shall submit a list of the appointers certified by the company for this  appointment, and submit the renewal list each year (until Dec. 31) of the  appointers by 31th January of the following year, including each the full name, date of birth, nationality, gender, passport number, address outside the R.O.C. and computation of the remaining shares.

4. This application shall be submitted to the district National Taxation Bureau where  the agent's household registration/registered office is located.

NTBT called on that, the Specific Form adopts more easily accessible agent system and easier notarization process which is much more convenient than the General Form, the Account could conduct the agent affairs by the name of an account (the Specific Form) or by an individual (the General Form) at its discretion. The related form has been uploaded to the website of NTBT at (Home page/Forms/Individual Income Taxes/Agent Appointment and Acceptance Form (For Segregated Collective Investment )), please utilize for your convenience

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