FINI Tax Guarantor Services

Brief Company profile


Our company, To Be Better Consulting Ltd., was established in January 2010 in order to act as Taiwan tax guarantor for Foreign Institutional Investors (FINI) and Foreign Domestic Investors (FIDI) having registrations with Taiwan Stock and Exchange Commission.

Our affiliate company

Think-Do Better Tax-Consulting Ltd. is a private limited liability corporation which was established in 1982. Since 2004, Think-Do Better Tax-Consulting Ltd. has been acting as Taiwan tax guarantor for FINI clients. As Think-Do Better business has been booming with local consulting, bookkeeping and FINI tax guarantor engagements for the past few years, directors decided to establish another new company “To Be Better Consulting Ltd.” to contract solely with any new FINI clients since 2010. This segregation policy will allow “To Be Better” to focus on its FINI tax guarantor services. All FINI clients contracted with “Think-Do Better” in the past will still be served by the same team members.

Managing director:

Mr. Antoine Wang, also act as service partner of FINI department at Think-Do Better Tax-Consulting Ltd. / Certified Public Accountant in Taiwan.

FINI client base:

So far we have been serving around 300 FINI and FIDI clients and most of them were registered in North America., Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Guernsey, China, Korea and etc.  

Contents of FINI Tax guarantor service

Upon being appointed to be tax guarantor, we will review the contents of Power of Attorney with related documents and prepare the "Agent appointment and acceptance form" to tax authority on client’s account behalf and will respond and explain to any inquiry from local tax officer during their examining period until receiving formal TFA approval letters from them.
Normally, we will perform annual tax withholding checks on client account's interest, cash or stock dividend revenue derived from Taiwan's transactions and if we find there are any unpaid taxes, we will inform local custodian bank and client immediately to make necessary compensations.
In case of account closing or earnings repatriation in need , we will perform prompt checks on all transactions to ensure all related taxes had been paid to tax authority and then issue our formal guarantee letter to local custodian bank to facilitate their following steps to close client’s account or earnings repatriation.
In case there are changes or new promulgations in laws or regulations governing FINI, we will notice our client by mail at first and if necessary, as requested by client, we will prepare adequate written materials to provide any further explanations.

Our contact details:  

Antoine Wang / Avis Kuo / Melody Tai  

Registered Address: 7F-4, No.200, Sec.1, DunHua South Road, Da-an District, Taipei, Taiwan

Telephone No.  : 886-2-27781660

Fax No .:886-2-27782120

E-mail address:

Antoine Wang: or   

Avis Kuo  : or

Melody Tai :